Prenatal Care – Health Care during Pregnancy

Apart from depending on the health care provider so much, a woman can take great care of herself just through slight guidelines from the health care provider. This is because some things that an expectant woman is supposed to do are very obvious and she can do them with little assistance. During pregnancy, a woman should take proper care of herself and the baby too. There are activities that she is supposed to avoid so that she does not harm the baby for example, smoking.

Smoking will adversely affect the unborn simply because the smoke that is inhaled will go and block pores in the breathing system of the mother and since the foetus breaths through the mother, it will not be in a position to receive fresh air and thus it can suffocate due to this. Secondly, the smoke contains tar which is harmful if it settles in the lungs and there is a possibility that the tar can penetrate to the fetus which is very dangerous. This is one way you can take care of by avoiding smoking while you are pregnant.

Drugs and alcohol are also very harmful to both the mother and the baby. It should be noted that whatever affects the mother is also likely to affect the baby since they are connected in a way. Pregnant mothers should avoid alcoholic drinks since they contain acids which the delicate body of the baby cannot withstand but instead they burn it. This is also harmful to the mother because suppose the baby dies while inside the womb due to these acidic alcoholic drinks, the mother is also likely to die unless a quick operation is done still endangering the life of the mother.

Another way to take care of you while pregnant is actually to adapt to special diet always. This is because the fetus is supposed to take nourishment from the mother and thus it is recommended that you take a balanced diet. The diet will make the mother strong and be in a position to withstand the extra weight. The fetus will be able to grow faster and be strong since the diet taken by the mother is the recommended one. A pregnant mother is advised to get some guidelines concerning the diet from her health care provider who will actually tell her the best combination of foods required.

A well balance diet for a pregnant woman may include fresh fruits, vegetables and grains. You are supposed to avoid too much fatty foods since they will make you increase in weight which is not recommended. The health care provider is supposed to prescribe the prenatal vitamin that will make sure that you get enough iron andHealth Care during Pregnancy calcium. These will help your baby to grow strong since calcium strengthens bones and teeth. Many weak new born babies did not get enough iron and calcium while they were in their mothers’ wombs and this becomes the reason for their weak bodies. This can be avoided through taking the correct diet and thus you will have taken care of yourself while pregnant.

Prenatal Care – Health Care during Pregnancy
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