Pregnancy for Women with Diabetes

If a young woman with diabetes as well as previous gestational diseases is making her future plan for pregnancy then before looking at anything first she has to do a list of work. In the following here I am including some advice of well known physician and diabetes team. Just read the rest article carefully, hope it will be of much helpful for you at this moment :

1. Do Tighten Up Your Targets:
You should keep your blood sugar level as close to the normal as possible. In general the fasting blood glucose level should be in between 60 to 90 mg / dl which means 3.3 to 5 mmol / L and after an hour of your meal it should be lesser than 130 mg/dl or 7.2 mmol / L. It that not possible for you at that moment then try to keep that at least 140 mg /dl or 7.8 mmol / L all the time.pregnancy with diabetes

2. Try To Do More Blood Sugars Test:
In this matter you may need eight to twelve blood sugar tests a day on different times such as after eating, either 1 hour after the meal, 2 hours after the meal etc. if you want to get tight control of your blood sugar. Just consult it with your doctor before taking any decision.

3. Always Check Your Blood Sugar Level Before Driving:
If your blood sugar level is too much low then you should eat and wait before putting the car in gear, because there may be some risks for crash from hypoglycemia.

4. Make Your Plan For Lots Of Shorts:
If you want to have the tight control of your blood sugar level then you may have to take three or four insulin injections per day and sometimes even more.

5. Quit Smoking:
You have to quit smoking habit, because it may be harmful for you at that moment, though it can be considered all the time as harmful thing. There a lots of easier way to do that. So look before you leap try to consult with a physician about this matter.

6. Try To Stay As Much Active As You Can:
Either before or during pregnancy, till yet your common observation suggest you to slow down you should make your plan to stay active because Diabetes is not an excuse to be slow down. Try for more exercise, because it can be a very helpful way to keep your blood sugar levels down.

Pregnancy for Women with Diabetes
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