Overview Basic Pregnancy Symptoms

The term pregnancy can be described as a natural process where some changes of the body also involved once one get pregnant. Though this is true that most of the women don’t have to face too much complication, throughout their pregnancy period though there are still some who have to face few difficulties regarding that. Also it is found that most of the women always feel mood swings, fear as well as anxiety throughout their pregnancy period. If you are one of those, then you should not feel that because pregnancy should always be the most anticipation, happiness and excitement period of your life.  Most of the woman start experiencing the common symptoms of pregnancy within a week, but if the symptoms comes after a few week of conception then also need not to be worry, this is also quite natural. Aside from that the period of pregnancy least for near about 40 weeks or nine months which can be divided into three trimesters, though it is counted from the very first day of a woman’s last period.

The early signs and symptoms of pregnancy:

The early signs and symptoms of pregnancy always vary from woman to woman as well as body to body. So on the basis of that I am now familiar you with some common symptoms of pregnancy just follow the rest article carefully, I hope this would be very helpful for you in this period:

  1. Missing of period
  2. Tenderness in breast
  3. Fatigue tendency
  4. Increasing the frequency of urination
  5. Dizziness as well as nausea
  6. Cravings of food
  7. Increasing of certain food linking
  8. Aromas sensitivity
  9. Sickness in the morning

10.  Morning hurt burn tendency

11.   Constipation

12.  Swings of mood

13.  Tiredness and some irritability

14.  Increasing of body temperature

15.  Pain in the low back portion

16.  Bloating as well as weight gain

17.  Increasing of the vaginal discharge

18.  Some stretch marks

19.  Vomiting


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