Melanoma Skin Cancer and its 4 Stages

Melanoma Skin Cancer :
Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that is considered as the most dangerous and harmful skin cancer. There are total 4 stages of this skin cancer. These types of stages of this skin cancer are in accordance to the thickness and the spread area of the Melanoma. Treatment for this type of skin cancer can only be initiated after determining the stage of cancer. In initial stages there are more chances for a patient to get recovered or at least survive in a good way but if detected late then condition can become more severe. Below are the 4 stages of this skin cancer described.

1st Stage of Melanoma Skin Cancer :
In the first stage or this cancer only the superficial layer of the skin that is epidermis is damaged and it looks like scraped. There are two other categories of this stage as well. These categories can give information about tumor’s thickness. Stage 1a has 1.0 mm or less thickness and zero ulceration. Stage 1b is also 1.0 mm or less thick but it has ulceration. If thickness is 1.01 to 2.0 mm then it is still termed as stage 1b even in the absence of ulceration. In these stages lymph nodes are yet safe from Melanoma.

2nd Stage of Melanoma Skin Cancer :
There are two main categories of stage 2. These categories describe what is the thickness of the diseases and if ulceration is present or not. In stage 2a the tumor has a thickness of 1.01 to 2.0 mm along with ulceration. In stage 2b the tumor thickness is almost 2.01 along with ulceration or it may be more than 4.0 mm thick without any ulceration. So these are the two categories of stage 2. All examinations and treatments are conducted in accordance to these stages and categories.

3rd Stage Melanoma Skin Cancer :
When we talk about stage 3 of Melanoma skin cancer then in this stage Melanoma has started spreading into lymph nodes that is really dangerous. A disease entering in to lymph nodes means that your defensive cells will start dying slowly. In this stage the tumor thickness or density is al most 2 cm that is quite thick. But good news is that in this stage tumor can’t pass away from regional lymph nodes. So it can be well treated at this stage as well. However the chances of survival at this stage are quite low but still a patient can be treated in a way to live a better life.

4th Stage Melanoma Skin Cancer :
In 4th stage of Melanoma the disease has finally entered into lymph nodes and has started producing destruction. This is the most sever stage of Melanoma Skin cancer. Now it can easily penetrate towards internal organs like lungs, brain, liver, gastrointestinal tract and bones etc. So you can see that how much damage can be done by this tumor in this stage. In general terms this stage is also termed as final or last stage of melanoma from where there is no way back. In this final stage a patient can be treated to be in a better health but can’t be cured.

Melanoma Skin Cancer and its 4 Stages
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