Melanoma Skin Cancer 3rd Stage

Melanoma :
Just like many other cancer diseases in the world melanoma is another ball in the court. However one aspect that can make melanoma different form other tumors is its threat to skin at higher lever. All types of external cancers have some effect on skin but since melanoma is directly related to skin so it has got more tendency to damage skin cells and tissues and finally penetrate into internal organs like liver, lungs and brain in human body.

It is highly recommended to get you examined for any sort of tumor ever year so that if there is anything then it can be detected in early stages and can be cured according to a proper treatment plan. In this article we are going to discuss the 3rd stage of melanoma cancer and its seriousness to the skin.Melanoma Skin Cancer 3rd Stage

3rd Stage :
All stages of melanoma are determined while keeping in mind the thickness of the tumor. When we talk about tumor thickness in 3rd stage then it is almost 2 cm thick. In 2nd stag it is not more than 4.0 mm and after reaching into 3rd stage it becomes 2 cm thick. That makes a difference of 1.6 cm or 16 mm in a single stage. When in 2nd stage, melanoma is still very dangerous so you can make an idea about the seriousness and the harm that could be produced in your body by 3rd stage tumor. In third stage of tumor the disease can reach till your lymph nodes but it can’t pass away from these nodes.

Thickness of Tumor :
As described above the thickness of the tumor in 3rd stag is approx 2 cm that makes it 20 mm thick. While if we consider its thickness in 2nd stage then it is just 4.0 mm max and that too in rare cases other wise in normal conditions 2nd stage Melanoma has 1.01 to 2.0 mm thickness. Melanoma can be cured at second stage provided it is detected early but if not detected early there is no surety about the survival of a patient. From this reality you can make an idea that what sort of damage stage 3 cancers or tumor can do in your body. You must take skin related issues carefully and if ever you find some unusual change in your skin then it is better to consult with a dermatologist. Only a specialist can help you to cure your disease but still in one case if it is detected in cure able stage.

Seriousness :
3rd stage of melanoma skin cancer is the most severe stage of cancer. In this stage there are usually no chances for survival of a patient however if treated properly and patient has passion in himself then he can really come up from this disease. Otherwise just to have an idea about its seriousness you can understand that it can convert into 4th stage of last stage of caner in just a few days time. A few days are nothing but if medication is done properly then this process can be delayed.

Melanoma Skin Cancer 3rd Stage
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