Melanoma Skin Cancer 2nd Stage

Melanoma :
Melanoma is considered as the most dangerous type of skin cancer. Though there can be different reasons for this type of infection in skin but here in this article our purpose is not to go into detail of the reason. The purpose to write this article is to provide readers with a brief overview of melanoma and its different stages. Most importantly we will be discussing stage 2 if this skin cancer. It doesn’t make any difference, what kind of cancer you are suffering from. A cancer is always a cancer and it has to be detected in curable stage because if not detected well in time, it can make your life miserable. Here we are going to discuss 2nd stage of Melanoma.

2nd Stage of Melanoma :
Though there are total 4 stages of Melanoma skin cancer but it is important to understand and learn about initial stages so that being an affected person you can have an idea about the seriousness of your disease. The initial stage is the 1st stage of this cancer and it takes a few weeks time for this tumor to turn into 2nd stage and penetrate deeper into your body. The 2nd stage of the melanoma is further divided into 2 sub categories to make it understandable and easy for the readers.

Melanoma Skin Cancer 2nd Stage
Melanoma Stage 2a :
The thickness of the tumor ranges from 1.01 mm to 2.0 mm along with no ulceration. This is 1 mm more as compared to 1st stage of tumor. This simply means that the disease has become more serious and it has spread more in the skin. Though with 1.01 to 2.0 mm thickness it can’t reach lymph nodes but it can easily destroy skin cells and tissues. Since there is not ulceration so it may not be very dangerous.

Melanoma Stage 2b :
As compared to stage 1a the thickness of tumor in stage 2b is usually the same but the only difference in same thickness is ulceration. If the tumor is 1.01 – 2.0 mm thick and has got ulceration then it is called stage 2b melanoma. However in some cases his thickness may reach up to 4.0 mm but in this case there will be no ulceration. This may be a safe stage due to absence of ulceration but still it is dangerous because thickness is 4.0 mm that is enough to affect skin cells.

Seriousness :
Being in the initial conditions of its development still a cancer is cancer that can spread like a wild fire in human body. If you want to realize the seriousness of tumor in this stage then you can have an idea from the reality that it can take only a few weeks time for this stage 2 to convert into stage 4 that is considered as the last or final stage of Melanoma. From this last stage there is no turning back at all. So it is better to take preventive and precautionary measures before it is too late. Though it may not be easy to cure cancer in second stage as well but if tried hard it can be don. Thinking to cure melanoma 3rd or 4th stage? Better leave this idea.

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