Melanoma Skin Cancer – 1st Stage

Melanoma :
There are different types of diseases in this world and melanoma is just one of them. Though cancer is considered as one of the most dangerous diseases in the world but Melanoma i.e. Skin cancer is the most dangerous and harmful type of cancer. This cancer is directly related to skin and further it can start damaging internal parts and organs of the body. The passage way of melanoma starts from the superficial layer of the skin and slowly it penetrates towards lymph nodes from where it can reach to the internal organs like lungs, liver, heart and gastro intestinal tract. A great damage can be done by this cancer in a short period of time and if not detected in early stage, its treatment can become impossible. There are total 4 stages of Melanoma Skin Cancer but in this article we are going to discuss 1st stage in detail.

1st Stage Melanoma :
1st stage of melanoma is directly related to superficial layer of the skin that is also called epidermis. In this stage the cancer or tumor is limited to that superficial layer trying to make its way deep in the skin and become thicker. The more thick a tumor can get the more severe it can become. It is really important for the tumor to be detected in this first stage so that it can be cured. A doctor will examine the stage of cancer first to determine the treatment plan for a patient. There are two sub categories of this stage.

Stage 1a :
Stage 1a is related to the thickness of tumor but it is not subjected to ulceration. If a tumor is less than 0.1 mm thick then it can be termed as 1a stage cancer but precautionary measures have to be taken at this stage. Ignoring a little infection in skin can result the tumor to penetrate deep in body in a few months time. So better to get your skin examined for cancer and start treatment as soon as possible. In stage 1a ulceration is not present in tumor but is just less than 0.1 mm thick.

Stage 1b:
If the tumor in skin is 0.1mm or less thick than that but there is ulceration present in it then it is termed as stage 1b of melanoma. This stage indicates that the tumor has advanced a little bit and precautionary measures have to be taken. If you will delay in examination and treatment then it will easily convert into stage 2 melanoma that will make the treatment more difficult. If thickness of tumor is more than 0.1 mm and there is no ulceration in it then it is still called stage 1b tumor or cancer.

It doesn’t make any difference in what stage a caner is because it is dangerous in the minor stage as well. A little stimulus or lack of care can convert the initial stage of cancer in to final or last stage of cancer. It is highly recommended to consult with a dermatologist or a specialist if you find any unusually activity in your skin.

Melanoma Skin Cancer – 1st Stage
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