Hepatitis B-Common Symptoms and Causes

Hepatitis B is one kind of viral infection on the area of the liver that follows a very variable course, though in general the virus of hepatitis B or HIB can quite be able to provide acute illness itself within a fraction of time also without causing any long term liver damage. Moreover in 20% of cases it always cause for chronicle illness which may least more than six months, even it happen that this symptoms take a full life to go. In 15-50% of the cases those chronic infection also develop with infection cirrhosis, liver failure, even liver cancer. So this infection of this disease may eventually be fatal.

In general cases the virus of hepatitis B or HIB usually transmitted along with the contact of the infected blood or body fluids. So you have to keep in mind one thing very well that only a tiny amount of blood is very useful to transmit this virus infection inside your body. Aside from that the virus of HIB may also be present in vaginal secretions, breast milk, saliva as well as other body fluids.

Causes of Hepatitis B:

Many of the people contract this disease of hepatitis B while they are in holiday. Also the virus of hepatitis B can also be spread for the following reasons:

  • Spreading from mother to baby.
  • By using contaminated needles or syringes at the time of inject.
  • By sharing of razors or toothbrushes which are contaminated along with a little amount of infected blood.
  • through an open wound
  • In the touch of an open world.
  • By having an unprotected sex.

Symptoms of Hepatitis B:

The symptoms of Hepatitis B include the following:

  • Tendency of mild fever
  • Increasing tiredness
  • Joint pains
  • Aching limbs symptoms
  • Loosing of the appetite
  • Sickness filling
  • Vomiting tendency
  • Alcohol intolerance etc.

Moreover it may also be developed as jaundice, a disease which is quite be able to make your skin as well as eyes yellow.  Though this happen in your due to the color substance inside our blood or billirubin.


Hepatitis B-Common Symptoms and Causes
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