Hair and Skin Changes During The Period Of Pregnancy

Pigment changes during this period:

The effects on your skin may be noticeable from near about twenty weeks onwards. The darker of your skin the more likely you may see those changes. Pigmentation changes may have these following results such as:

  • In this period your nipples deepen by color, also they may appear to get in larger size and much more prominent and the areola around you nipple may be spread at that time.
  • A lenea nigra or a dark line may appear down the nipple of your chest as well as your tummy.
  • Though some women get a mask-like coloration on their face which may even be irregular and blotchy.
  • May face uneven tainting when in the sun or using sun bed, while there is not such evidence that may sunbathing or sun beds are too much harmful for your body. Though some tanning shops advice against the using of sun beds while you are pregnant because those effects can be unpredictable.

Live With a Dry skin:

If your skin is dry or itchy then you must need some moistening bath and shower which may help you a lot at that time, in rare cases if your skin looks like too much itchy all over the time mainly on your torso then it can even be a sign of a condition named as cholestasis,which always affects the kidneys as well as the liver. This may be harmful to your body so always consult a doctor if you are facing this.

Hair During the pregnancy period:

Hair may looks like shiny and thick during the period of pregnancy because normal daily hair loss slows down then. Moreover after the birth you may even feel that your hair is falling out much more quickly than the earlier. It is natural at that time, rather than anything much more serious, though if you want or worried consult with your doctor about this.





Hair and Skin Changes During The Period Of Pregnancy
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