Bipolar Disorder- A Manic Depression

Bipolar disorder may cause due to severe mood swings which usually may list up to several weeks even several months also, aside from that you may also experience the following things such as:

  • Low mood,
  • Despair and intense depression,
  • A high or manic feelings of joy,
  • Loss of inhibitions,
  • Over activity,
  • A mixed state mood such as a depressed mood along with restless also an over activity of a manic episode etc.


Possible causes of Bipolar Disorder:

Though the exact causes of the disease of Bipolar Disorder is still unknown but it can be consider that the following can play a part in this condition such as:

  • In this matter genes can play an important role, so if you have a relative with this disease of bipolar disorder then be alert, because your chance of developing this disease is higher.
  • Some how there may be a physical problem linked up with this disease, because the brain system always control the mood so, it can often be controlled by the medication.
  • Also a long term stress can trigger with the mood swings.


Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder:

Three types of symptoms generally can be found in Bipolar Disorder, which may include the following:


  • You may experience the feelings of unhappiness which will not go ever,
  • Loss of self confidence,
  • Feeling useless or hopeless or inadequate,
  • Uninterested in sex,
  • Avoiding other person,
  • Appetite problem,
  • Suicide tendency ,
  • Can not even concentrate to make a simple decision etc.


Mania may include the following:

  • Don’t want to sleep,
  • Making an unrealistic plan,
  • Quickly talking,
  • Behave irritatingly with other people,
  • Riskless spending money,
  • Common elation,
  • Unusual feelings etc.

Psychotic symptoms:

This kind of symptom may include:

  • Feelings guilty, worse than anybody else in the world,
  • You may feel that you have the special powers or abilities to complete an important mission,
  • Moreover you may also experience that something is missing there this known as “hallucinations”.



Bipolar Disorder- A Manic Depression
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