Alcohol Addiction – A Major Problem

Alcohol can be defined as a sedative hypnotic drug that always depresses with the central nervous system by making you feel too much relaxed. Many of the adults choose alcohol as for moderately or on a social basics, but this may derive them towards a lot of pressure in future.  However this has also found that one in each and every five men and one in each and every seven women regularly drink this much more than the Department of Health suggest is strictly safe for having a good health.

Possible Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction

When someone becomes too much dependent or addicted to alcohol then they may do the following things:

  • A strong sense may develop of the compulsion to the drink,
  • May organize their self lifestyle around the drinking.
  • May start drinking too much shortly after waking in order to reduce the feeling of alcohol withdrawal.

Short-term effects of alcohol

The short term side effects of alcohol may be depended on the amount of it one consumed, though it varies from person to person and from one situation to another one, but the main effects happens in brain which may be resulted the following:

  • Coordination loss
  • Unsteadiness at the time of walking or standing,
  • Some slurred speech
  • Inhabitation loss
  • Or even sleep.
  • Much more impaired attention and judgment.

Long-term effects of alcohol

The cumulative effects of taking excessive alcohol consumption are associated especially when one takes a poor diet which affects the every third party of the body. But the two main sites of these damages are the nervous system or liver.

By too much taking of it the liver may become progressively damaged which also known as cirrhosis also may even lead towards liver failure or liver cancer and even death.

The nervous system may be damaged; also the damage in the area of the brain can also interfere with some intellectual function that may increase the risks of depression and anxiety, even dementia or confusion also.

Moreover Alcoholism may also be implicated with diabetes or other inflammation of the pancreas such as weakening of the heart, internal bleeding, high blood pressure or even stroke, also alcohol intake during the period of pregnancy can even be too much harmful for an unborn baby.



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